Avoiding Abusive Nursing Homes in Omaha

Everybody will eventually become old at some point if they are lucky enough to live long enough. For many this means living in a nursing home during their elderly years. There are more than 15 thousand nursing homes in the United States with almost 2 million licensed beds. Many of these elderly people will receive excellent care but there are many who may experience abuse at the hands of their caretakers at the nursing home. This could result in the need for omaha nursing home lawyers in some instances. Therefore it is important that if you have a loved one in a nursing home you should understand how to spot a nursing home which may have an increased risk of abuse.

Understaffing Issues

Nursing homes have to deal with certain financial constraints whether they are for-profit or nonprofit entities. Many times, nursing homes will be required to cut their nursing staff for financial reasons. However, this can result in an increased danger for patients to experience abuse. Being understaffed makes it more challenging for nursing staff to attend to all of the patients and their needs. In many instances this will result in frustrated staff workers who may lash out at or neglect their patients due to being overworked.

High Turnover Rate for Nursing Staff

Nursing is more effective and beneficial to the patient if there is a personal bond between nursing staff and the patients. This will require the nursing staff members to take care of the same patients over an extended period of time. However, forming this personal bond becomes significantly more difficult if a nursing home has a high turnover rate for its nursing staff. Lack of this personal bond with patients can increase the likelihood of patients being victims of abuse at the nursing home. Also, there must be some reason why a nursing home’s turnover rate is so high which could be detrimental or even dangerous to patients.

Poor Training of Nursing Staff

Adequate training of nursing staff is essential to make sure patients are well taken care of at a nursing home. Lack of adequate training can result in nursing staff not able to deal with certain issues which can arise. This can result in frustration which increases the likelihood of neglect and abuse of patients.

Patients with Dementia

Those with loved ones suffering from dementia will have to be especially careful when choosing a nursing home. Sometimes nursing staff will take advantage of patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease or dementia because the patients will have trouble recalling what happened. Patients with dementia may have problems with communication and their credibility may also be questioned by managers of the nursing staff.

Also, if a nursing home lacks preventative polices it could mean that the culture of the nursing home may ripe for patient abuse. On the other hand, even if one has done everything possible to avoid abusive nursing homes, one may still find their loved ones to have been victims of abuse. Filing a lawsuit may be the best option for a remedy in these situations.