How to File a Workman’s Compensation Claim in Oregon

It can be extremely stressful after getting hurt on the job. Most likely, you have to miss time from work to receive medical treatment. The care you receive causes medical bills to pile up. Add pressure from your job and the insurance company refusing or delaying compensation for your troubles, and it may seem like you will never recover. This is where understanding the process of workmans comp Oregon becomes beneficial.

How the Workers Compensation System Works in Oregon

The agency that oversees all workman’s comp claims in Oregon is the Workers’ Compensation Division. Most employers are required by law to have this type of insurance coverage. They can either receive a state certification to self-insure or purchase a workers’ comp policy from a private insurance company.

Workmans comp Oregon is a no-fault system, which means you do not have to prove your employer acted carelessly. You can receive benefits as long as you were injured on the job or work activities led to the injury.

Employer Responsibility in the Workman’s Comp Claim Process

Once you complete Form 801, your employer must send it to their insurance company within five days. The insurance company determines whether you are eligible for benefits after an investigation.

Typically, this involves reviewing your medical records and analyzing your wages, education and work experience. The insurance company may also order a medical examination to assess your claim.

Reporting a Workplace Injury

It is important to report your injury within 90 days of experiencing a work-related accident. Any occupational illness should be reported within one year after you discover an illness is connected to your work.

Missing these deadlines of reporting your injury to your employer could cause you to lose the right to collect benefits. Although there is an extended time period, it is best to report a work injury ASAP.

Make sure you follow Oregon’s rules to complete a written notice, even if you tell your employer verbally.

Get medical treatment soon after the injury occurs. Make sure your doctor completes Form 827 and sends it to your employer’s insurance company. If necessary, consider hiring a workmans comp Oregon lawyer to guide you through the process.